under your weight

Opinion in the paper. How many must die? Always a futile question. you people are extraordinarily careless-- stones. mine is so delicately carved it wouldn't tan (yours is black) but it would defintely shatter under your weight.

what's with all the screaming

we are leaving in about 6 hours! I am not ready, but it will be fun, I will sleep in the car and airplane I am sure
i just drank a can of coke
a can of beer would be better for sleep
i am going to read about politicians or latin or darfur or something

in canada they have a high college enrollment rate- about 98% of all highschool students go to college, be it vocational or a liberal arts 4 year or scientific rigourous course of study. however, these same students, after getting this education, move on to careers in drilling, mining, fishing, hunting, car repair, advertisement, sales, or prostitution, depending on their affinity towards people.

they're always twisted always twisted always twisted

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ive decided i should update as much as possible just to see if with an added frequency, if more interesting things will happen. the whole, write a thing a day and see where it gets you spiel. of course i wont be able to write a thing a day, but i will try to write as much as possible within the confines of reason. the other problem with this is that i have a normal notebook in which i write random things in all day, so this is kind of useless. on the other hand, it's constructive in involving other people in these sorts of goings-on, which i would greatly enjoy, so that is why i shall try it. so please do comment or whatever. converse. aim is lame. i have to go clean everything ever now and pack for my first summer trip.

keeping w. the swirls (thanks snail)

Climbing the hills was cool. When Sam stood ahead further looking down, his silhouette reminded me of prophecy. Mike's was climbing to the side, and with the gradient light of the night sky behind the hills it looked like an empty lonley climb together. 4 humans going forwards! in an unknown planet. and yes, it reminded me a lot of some image stereotypically alien (as when Sam and Mike were running down the hill afterwards the movement was strange).

Thanks for all the fish, with the gigantic broom, was excellent too.


I passed my 1st college year, with so-so grade :-(  
Now I am working full-time. It's boring, but I am home so when I am not working I see my family and friends! which is great :-)  I love being home.
All that is happening then is lots of randomness and the usual reading and such.
right now: phaedrus and dissemination (plato and derrida), some novel, and other things here/there. 
i cut my hair. 


what else?  (a lot!!)

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out of place at literary colloquium

All you have to do is listen and understand and have thoughts and questions at the same level of understanding that the discussion is running around at -----
lacoue-labarthe has been dead now and it was sort of like a funeral, with he was like this and he would've said this, and once upon a time... it was sad to hear the sadness and missingness in my teacher's voice (Avital Ronell).
then Jean-Luc Nancy gave us the keynote adress, about tragedy (his speech After Tragedy)
.... a lady on her way out, was saying, "c'etait bien fait, interessant, mais je suis pas d'accord!... i think it's a misrememberance!"
I believe she was just referring to all the way everybody was trying to say they knew what he would have said and thought-- they were pretty specific. for example, "in  a mysterious and terrible sense, phillipe called upon himself this will of the gods"  as Jean Luc talks about tragedy (vs a comedy) and sacrifice and gods and the greeks...
anyway --
it was 107 degrees in the room (things were melting, no more chairs!, things got messy)
and my prof also talked, kinda strangely. poem and bell

i walked out saw  a few fellow students but theyre elitist (i need to bash into them more often)
                (and saw nicola against the wall outside. all black, by her own, with that thinking, aware, not shy,     but something silent and .. brooding? she's very smart, matter of fact, idk, german haha.
and i woke up at 10 today instead of at 7 so i didnt go to part 2 at 10-12. mayb ei will go to the part from 230-530.  another evening out of place, things over my head, i dont know lacoue-labarthe and i cannot just delve into him i need more background of history and novels and writing and philosophy...

what is good for studying - i wonder - not in relation to what i just said, for clarification, at least not that directly. just the question, what is good for study? for studying

(declared physics yesterday, think i want to do comparative literature too, but each other day theres a strong well whatever why and where can it possible lead you that is interesting?)

no story for sharing. oh maybe i will add the horse one... its kinda strange though. ill just make up a new one next time i post :)

edit; i just remembered the poem!
duh- it was that weird one about digging by paul celan- the specific line is

o eine, o kiene, o niemand, o du.

actually i should just post the whole poem in a separate entry. its very strange. i'm sure... wait a sec..

There Was Earth


There was Earth in them, and

they dug.


They dug and they dug, and so

their Day went by, and their Night. And they did not praise God,

who, so they heard, wanted all this,

who, so they heard, knew of all this.


They dug and they heard nothing more;

did not grow wise, invented no Song,

thought up for themselves no Language.

They dug.


There came a Silence, there came a Storm,

There came every Ocean.

I dig, you dig, and it digs, the Worm,

and the Singing, there, says: They dig.


O someone, o none, o no one, o you:      <------- the line!

Where did it lead to, that nowhere-leading?

O you dig and I dig, and I dig towards you,

and on our finger awakens the Ring.


courtesy of online. http://www.tonykline.co.uk/PITBR/German/Celan.htm#_Toc192653903

Celan is weird... the german version of this is very pretty, if you can find it, or if you want i can send it to you. you who does not read this ^_^.
now for a real entry! maybe.

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this picture i like cause its the best colours and the best summers/fall

and why is it always that there are so many ways for sadness?