.. (nada_pilot) wrote,

I don't remember how to write anymore. I think words are logical and they are supposed to make some sort of structural and meaningful synthesis when you ask them to, but science has confused me and now I am only capable of blathering run-ons.  

Help me.

What does it mean to explore and do experiments writing? Is it really possible to control your output that precisely? Isn't it an intrinsic property?

Help me...

Destructive toys and androgenous boys,
I've got my hands fuller than they can stand...
Only a piano player could really understand what I mean when I say
I'm not in it for the joys

I'm not in it for the joys
The boisterous fringe-pets haven't a clue
Notes spatter upwards like contrarian rain
to another spangled banner, 
Tristain gave up when he thought she hated him
He forgot about her soul, the remaining image was of her hair
and her nape.. so he died.

I try my best to not fall into the same traps
I know it's harder than I think so I have strategies
well-planned lacks of routines and a method of passing into 
sterile stairwells where i chalk-draw countries
and state invisible laws.

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