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even though i sort of love them i get disappointed when they turn away from considering something for a comfort (sleep, food, tv, something else where you just absorb. similarly, i think reading while great is only great if you are doing more than absorbing, its a readingwriting process, where you are almost fighting with the text. same with science. its hard not to just trust everything your teacher says, but don't; you'll get to the root of our ignorance this way, and you'll find new places to start looking).

so my friend laura is thinking on genetics and opportunity and consciousness, and how because of the way we are brought up and the way we've been woven into society it is difficult to differentiate our most personal self  from the self we've been taught, for example, our "morals".
her question: if you lose conscience, dyou lose consciouseness? and a warning: think twice, for if you lose conscience do you not simply revert to your physical wants, thereby becoming a robot?

is not your morals another level of robotic behavior? i think in general, humans are "robotic". everything i do has a reason, no? i don't understand the notion of a "soul", of something that lives within without us, making us immortal, making us more than a plant or stone. yes, i have my own consciousness. it must be this isolation that convinces us of specialness? i used to think it: i had a storyline, it had a beginning and an upbringing and it was very proper and i was special because of the secrets i kept and the way that i was always working for the good intentions and then i made a serious mistake. the person i claimed to be in love with left. that's not how a successful love story works, it was broken, and since, it's not been repaired, i'm in a very beacham limbo. but. thats not the point.

let me try and find something that might prove a soul. something illocigal.
the way i die, i hemmorage in my lungs, whenever i hear

when things go wrong
i sing along
it is the nature of the business
but you're not here
to make my sad songs more sincere

and other stephin merritt compositions. or consciousness? i define it as awareness: awereness of myself, of the world, and of all our limitations in this awareness.
my cat is aware it exists, and it can make things move, and colour (it likes the wall paintings) but... idk i think my cat is conscious in cat levels. he's not aware of stars. he doesn't know everything is atoms. kids are insane. so are adults, believing all this nonsense, we are just like kids but we try and cover it up.

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